Thursday, 21 February 2013

Creativeness strikes again

In my not-so-great effort to keep things tidy and sort out my craft room/computer room I have decided to get in and use a lot of stuff that appears to be not worth keeping to my darling husband...but of course I know otherwise.

I came across a pretty smashed up lampshade and I have been wanting to make a fur lampshade for my or the girls room as it seems to add such warmth to the area and of course I have some spare fur pieces lying around....but then I came across a bag of bridal fabric offcuts I was lucky enough to receive over 10 years ago from a dressmaker and saw the net lining (with ribbon edging) in the bag.

So this is what I did:

The lampshade was for a pedestal or side lamp and I had no lamps with the correct fitting to attach to a rooftop...sooooo....I bent that baby up until it was so crooked I couldn't attach the light and then I took the hammer and sorted it out.....(hence not so pretty at the top) but nothing a hotglued pile of fabric couldn't fix.

So, I glued on some scrap pink gingham,...which didn't actually fit so I had to do a minor collage job on it at the back....(noone will notice this because it is under the net skirt)

Then I glued the net on, ruffling as I went...and glued a ribbon around that to cover the glue.  Then to finish it I attached some vintage yellow lace to the top....

I am so pleased with really looks very pretty.

Oh, I glued ric rac around the inside bottom too, to hide the glued up fabric.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Lovin' Lalaloopsy (oh the girls are too!)

Well what can I say about Lalaloopsy that you cannot tell the moment you see them.  They are gorgeous!! And for we lasses that love to sew and create..(well for me anyway) they are just the perfect blend of personality, individuality, cuteness, sweetness and imaginative gorgeousness in one doll ( or what seems to be hundreds of them)

Needless to say I love them, each and every one and my 3 yr old  spends most of her time playing with them. My 6 yr old is also loving them. 

So we are starting to get a collection going...and since we already have a gorgeous dollhouse that Daddy made for his sweet 5 yr old a while ago...I didn't think it was necessary or budget friendly to buy one of the gorgeous treehouses, houses etc...I really really love them....but it is more fun to invest in the minis and DIY dollhouse. 

So after sewing a heap of new lalaloopsy clothes for my 3 yr old and her dolls I decided to make a dollhouse out of a flour box.  And sew....this is what we came up with after modge podge, hot glue, glitter contact and scrapbooking paper took hold...AND we got to reuse the beautiful handles off the packets.

                                      The little lala dollhouse sits neatly in the bigger dollhouse

                           Crumbs Sugar Cookie and Toasty Sweet Stuff enjoying a lemonade

                                    Jelly Wiggle Jiggle and Blossom Flowerpot enjoy a cuppa

The repurposed handle off the bag (I have also seen them used as handles on apothecary jars (DIY))
Marina in her little bathtub.
I covered the outside in fabric as I am hoping it will be more durable and help hold the cardboard together.

Bundles and Squirt enjoy a break from playtime