Thursday, 16 February 2012

Personalised Shopping Bags

Hitting the past bigtime today...

These are some appliqued shopping bags I made when I had just the two kiddlywinkers and thought this might distract them and be fun at the shops... well only used them once at the shops but they have been good for heaps of stuff and my son still uses his all the time.

I did fruit and vegies on the front, I just did a tight zig zag stitch on the machine around these

I did a froggie pocket on the back

And my little gals

I lined the insides with a coordinating fabric...

Have a great weekend everyone....hope you get your "Craft on" or that's what the kids are saying these days anyway!!!!

Pocket Kitchen Nook

Well this is a different one...

Again going through the stuff Mum has offloaded passed onto me and I saw an old Home Ec project,...
sewing a pocket, the teacher wrote and A on it, and it has my name, and I thought....cute sorta, I loved my Home Ec days and it is red,...
So here goes...

A frame from the Thrift shop

 My very own A!!!

A spray painted frame

And wait for it...I just need to find some ric rac, wait for the paint to dry and will let you know........

Eclectic Vintage Kitchen

As my Mum finally gets rid of passes on all my junk sentimental childhood memories, keepsakes, school books and craft items...I am constantly coming across beautiful vintage prints, games etc that are in remarkable much more special to have these things from my childhood rather than someone elses. I am glad we haven't thrown heaps of stuff out.

Here are two prints my Mum did herself with Hobbytex (the paint to use on canvasy fabric back in the old days... ;))  I think they are really cute and since they aren't the colours of my kids bedrooms, I thought I should maybe make a cute place for them in the kitchen..

Cute Knickers...

In a cleaning frenzy this morning and swapping things around, I came across this cute pair of baby girl stockings.  They are too small and well, starting to lose elasticity, so I had to do something with these or move them on to the bin.

But look what I created instead....

How toot!!!!!!


So all I did was chop them off...they are woollen but won't fray and the bottom of the legs here I just rolled up

And the bottoms are cute little sockies.....

What is it about baby pink that is so darn gorgeous on little girls......


Modge podge boring shoes

Here are some $9 shoes I bought probably six months ago, mostly because I bought them in chambray and they are comfy and great and $9.....but these were just way too boring for me to wear,...but then I have been seeing some gorgeous lace shoes on pinterest and thought I just need a doily and modge podge and I should be able to do it is


I simply cut the doily in half and modge podged it on there

I cut ever cm of the overlap (like you do in sewing) to make the material fit the curve

And here is a snea peak of the end result....I haven't done shoe 2 please be patient, won't be long...I can't wait to wear them.....

Thrifty and lovin' it

Off to town today and with just a quick trip to Vinnies, I score yet again...I don't always check everything in the itty bitty store, but always check for furniture out the front...never much I must admit. 

Checked for crystal glasses and chenille bedspreads but nothing so I popped over to the book section and picked up a great woodworking book for kids with 40 love it....2 soft toy books, with only a few projects but a dollhouse book, that folds out and ties back to form a dollhouse...perfect for the coffee table and to be honest my 2 yr old adores it and might just leave her sister's bigger dollhouse in one's hoping!!!

The girls lovin the new portable dollhouse

So cool, two doors link each room...cupboards open..

I hope I can get the kids onto making this....what a cool idea!!!

This is the cool little book

While checking to see the price of pegboard to deck out my office/craft/sewing space....I grabbed some pretty green coloured paint swatches....GUESS what I am going to do with these....

Monday, 6 February 2012

My most recent love

In my want for a gorgeous rug for my girls, but not wanting to buy one, I have made a french knitted rug, just haven't stitched it together, but I have also seen recently where they weave old tshirts or sheets or anything inside a hoola hoop. Check out my Pinterest boards for these.

So I started this morning....this is sort of what they look like.

Now I just need to get a rainbow of stretch shirts to cut up into strips....

Have a great day!!

Free birdcage

In a quick stopover at the local secondhand store, I saw a beautiful little birdcage, just the sort of thing I want to use to decorate my girls room.....

It cost nothing.....a regular customer...hehehe ;) how great!!!

DIY cake stand - using an overlocker spool

Well this is one I haven't seen anywhere else, but it looked perfect for the job.....

I made a cake stand using a stovetop element cover, an overlocker spool and a japanese dish....

So, I spray painted the cover all pink. Then placed a paper doily down and spraypainted over it white.  The overlocker spool was already the matching colour I painted the little dish white. Let them dry and then glued them together.

Such quick projects like this are so much fun.

The glass plates in the front are a DIY I did last week on an older post.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Pink and White prettiness

Well my youngest turned two this month and even though we weren't having anyone over, I still wanted to have some fun and make a pretty dessest table.  Here is what I did.....

I made my very first cupcake case out of paper doilies...after a bit of cutting and figuring our which fits which size cupcake, this is the template...

I used sticky tape to keep them together

I think they suited the pretty theme perfectly

Some Loopy Cake Pops we made from Fruit Loops, butter, white chocolate and melted marshmallows...very yummy!!!
I also made a plain sponge and mixed pink icing into it to make these cake pops....well tiny cakes, as we didn't use the sticks after all.

This stand in the background was a DIY that I will post today...using an overlocker spool??????

We had creamy soda jelly shots...yummy!!

The little teacups we made with an ice cream cone cut up, a rainbown lace (candy) a biccie and some some ice cream and sprinkles

And here is the little sweetie celebrating all that is sweet and pink

My very first DIY sugar cube,...I made four but only one worked...quite tricky getting the right amount of water...not much at all

And here is the birthday cake, I asked my sweetie if she wanted a Tinkerbell cake or
 Dollhouse cake  and she chose dollhouse

A pretty little outfit that my sweetie wore for first year, still love this and pettiskirts!!!

Lollipops for morning tea

The dollhouse in its early days, the kids had a heap of fun decorating the backyard....

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Birthday preparations

Well what I got up to today, is nothing that tricky or delicate, but it is practical and going to be great.  I recycled some timber used for packaging as a base for a wooden train track for my little sweetie.  I even screwed the castors on I said, nothing tricky, but a small accomplishment that will hopefully deliver a hugh HAPPY SMILE and hours of enjoyment to my darlin'!

                                         This is the board screwed together with primer on it.

I superglued the sparkly water down and had planned to screw the track down so it doesn't get knocked about, but it really does take the fun out of designing tracks, so I just grabbed some sandpit trees and animals and added them to the assortment and glued trees, dam and river to the painted board.