Thursday, 29 March 2012

Easter Hat Parade

In honour of the Easter Hat Parade, I tried to keep things simple and small this year, and I think they turned out better than ever.

The chef hat, was part of this weeks work at school, so we incorporated it into the easter them....hat already made!!!! Just add easter pictures, glitter and bow and YUM!

simply chic treasures: Getting In On The OMBRE Trend!

simply chic treasures: Getting In On The OMBRE Trend!: I adore these ombre dresser, or anything ombre...these colours are gorgeous.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Dressin' up a t-shirt

I have a cheap frill sleeve shirt in the cupboard, but it just doesn't thrill me, so picking up the (nearly matching) doily at Vinnies recently I thought I better get to and sew it on...

I love it....

Little rosette headband

I purchased some beautiful apricot and aqua lace and pom poms recently and I haven't yet done anything with two days ago I made this headband and now both girls want one the same....

 Of course there is a policy at our place of "No Jumping on the Lounge Chair".....evidently this time it wasn't adhered to!!!

Lovin' Vintage and Thrift

We went on a little trip recently and as I put this outfit turned out to be nearly all vintage and thrift and hopefully feminity combined..

Here's the list
The scarf I upcycled from muslin and lace (see previous post)
The apricot shirt is last seasons but this week I sewed on a square doily and little lace rosette that I made
The denim and apricot headband I made a year ago
The necklace is a teaming of my childhood necklace, some vintage hearts and a ribbon & rosette I sewed on
The jeans I found at the local Vinnies store
The bangle is some sort of copper (I hope real copper) and it is just great
And that about sums it up.

Rose scented dining

I have always loved roses and to have them in my garden is a must, so that I (nearly) always have fresh scents in the kitchen and dining area and a tiny bud in a crystal vase on my bedside table.  I love the smell of them, the colours and how they look.

This is what my sweetie and I collected yesterday....some soft peach tones

Vintage Treat

My Mum passed on another vintage port full of vintage fabrics last week and in it was this very sweet little vintage dress that she had sewn herself, but not worn is a linen....and I am thinking about teaming this up with a nice brown leather belt and some cowgirl boots....hehehe or something anyway, it is a perfect fit.  Got any suggestions....

DIY jewellery

I had a bit of a blitz this morning since it is a rainy day.

I reglued any girls clips that were broken and finished a few projects.

I wrapped this bracelet in a lovely apricot ribbon, bit looked a bit plain, so I glued this lace on.

A dodgy old retro geometric design hairclip, now has a pretty appeal.

And some sweet little gold glittered shoes, now had a pearl addition.

Friday, 16 March 2012

What's not to love about Farm life...........

Last year we rescued a dog from the pound and he has turned out to be a darlin'....a best friend to all the kids and great company....I can't believe we didn't get one sooner. Some things are just meant to be though!!

Here's the two cuties hangin' together.

According to her, this is called "being cheeky" in the branding cradle ...that's about right!

Which way next...?

Just peeking through

Poddy calves.....sweet!!!!  Meet our new friend Rossco.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Sticks in the Mud - as opposed to Frogs in Ponds

We were having some fun with desserts recently and we came up with our own silly version of Frogs in Ponds.

A Stick in the Mud!!!

Pretty dodge pics but you get the idea...we mixed blue and red jelly together to get the mud look, then poured on custard and a biccie. Still tasted as good as a Frog in the Pond, but was a Stick in the Mud!!

Chalkboard lunchboxes

I love being able to write notes to my kiddlywinks as they head off to school.  I have laminated notecards on their bags, but also I sprayed part of their lunchbox lid with primer, then chalkboard paint so I can write a message to remind them about have fun......or some special event. 

Apron for a Dora fan

We went to a birthday party recently for a sweet little 3 yr old who just adores I made this apron and little dilly bag for her.

The little lamb print was a cushion panel, that is sewn into the band, so it goes over the top of the stripe.  I used vintage lace to dress up the ruffle.

I have found that when making aprons, the sash can never be long enough, I make them so they wrap around to the front now and kids can tie it themselves.  It looks cute too.

I made some rosettes and sewed them onto the bag strap

Aprons for school fundraiser

Recently we had a school fundraiser, so I thought I would make some little aprons...these two are matching colours but slightly different.  It would be cute for them to be worn by little sisters...

Friday, 2 March 2012

Vintage Hobbytex prints

These are some gorgeous quirky little hobbytex paintings my Mum did for we kidlets as children...I have always loved them and this week I got the hubby to hang them in the kitchen, they match the eclectic feel of red white and blue perfectly and are special to me....needless to say my Mum was shocked to think I would hang them....but I think they are great!!!

Mint and Orange clutch

Fashion post today......I bought these gorgeous shoes online recently they are perfect....peep toe, a bow, wedge and a lattice effect so I just love them.  But to go out to dinner last night with the fam' I didn't have a handbag to match.....

Sooooo, I went straight to my vintage brooch stash and came up with this one that was given to me as a present as a little isn't a brooch, actually a scarf holder so I could get the clip to sit on at all...

So once I had found this, I found the glue gun and popped it on it a matter of seconds and my look was complete.

Whooops, I forgot to mention the ultra cool part,...I have been loving mint green lately, well for a few months that's for sure, and I found one at Vinnies a few weeks ago, just a simple little mint green clutch that had never been used for 50c.....

It looks pretty plain from this pick, but it is that really pretty mint green or sea mist colour....

But then how cute do they look together....50c fun for me anyway....