Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Sorry for the wait

Wow such a long time since I have been on, and not a great start to the "supposedly" consistent posts...but I have been doing lots....just haven't got it up yet.

Am making some bath bombs as gifts for ladies and kidlets at my Xmas party coming up and just had to share this great site Craft Bits with fabulous recipes for DIY crafts of all sorts including sherbet bath bombs, bath icecream, it all looks so good, even the bath cuppacino!!!! Wouldn't be wanting this at nighttime, but if you are an early riser, what a treat to soak in a cuppacino bath before the day begins.....

Or what about this Pina Colada bath bomb...might get you in the mood for partying...

Bath Salt - Pina Colada

Image for Bath Salt - Pina Colada DIY Craft Project
For all the recipes visit this site ...Craft Bits

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