Thursday, 16 February 2012

Thrifty and lovin' it

Off to town today and with just a quick trip to Vinnies, I score yet again...I don't always check everything in the itty bitty store, but always check for furniture out the front...never much I must admit. 

Checked for crystal glasses and chenille bedspreads but nothing so I popped over to the book section and picked up a great woodworking book for kids with 40 love it....2 soft toy books, with only a few projects but a dollhouse book, that folds out and ties back to form a dollhouse...perfect for the coffee table and to be honest my 2 yr old adores it and might just leave her sister's bigger dollhouse in one's hoping!!!

The girls lovin the new portable dollhouse

So cool, two doors link each room...cupboards open..

I hope I can get the kids onto making this....what a cool idea!!!

This is the cool little book

While checking to see the price of pegboard to deck out my office/craft/sewing space....I grabbed some pretty green coloured paint swatches....GUESS what I am going to do with these....

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