Thursday, 26 April 2012

Our mate's little doggie jacket (UPCYCLED denim vest)

Well our sweet little mate today was shivering, because it is getting quite cool.  I have been planning to make him a doggie jacket, and today was the day.  Going through my stash of fabric, I decided this 15 yr old vest of mine teamed up with jumper stretch fabric and an old mattress protector would be spot on.

I traced around the reindeer outfit that we bought our little mate for Xmas and used that as the pattern.

I had to adjust the pattern little bits here and there to keep the pockets on the vest in tact.

Yucky old mattress protector cut up.

He is happy, the kids were excited to see him all dressed up when they got home and he sure got plenty of cuddles from my littlest sweetie in his new toasty warm coat!!

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