Sunday, 20 May 2012

Eclectic Country Kitchen (Red and Blue)

Well since I am gradually falling more and more in love with the beautiful aroma of coffee, and the kids drink rooibos tea each day...I seemed to be forever heading in the opposite direction of the kitchen to get the cups, then the other side of the kitchen for the coffee and sugar and then back to the other side for the kettle.  So after recently accepting the fact that I live in an old country home and that I don't really need to keep the walls free from nic nacs, prints etc.  I do not plan to put in a new kitchen even though the one I have may be over 20 years is soft blue, all hardwood and decorated with my kitschy reds and polka dots, I think it is cute.  I also can think of other things to spend my money on than a new kitchen. 

A vintage spice rack that had a ghastly fake leadlight front window and was brown.  I painted it, modge podged paper to the back and put in mesh.

A red vintage jug from an op shop

Anyway I have recently embraced the fact that my kitchen is little, cute, cosy and definitely has an eclectic feel to it with my vintage buys over the years and homemade I went ahead and screwed in hooks in every convenient spot.  I now have a wine rack above the sink so I can grab a glass with ease......a spice rack above the bench, my beautiful vintage silver serving tray above the door AND my tea/coffee station above the beautiful wooden chopping block, directly above the kettle.  It is not fancy and just a pine shelf, but I have covered it with doilies and it works fantastically and looks cute enough for me.

I also have had these for ages and painted them both creation blue and put them on the block too. 

So a Vinnies cup holder, painted blue and a Vinnie serving tray painted blue.  I (of course) also found the melamine sugar dish (I keep my garlic in it), the sugar dispenser and the red Harrods tin at Vinnies too.

The last two mornings my son has actually offered to make me breakfast in he is now enjoying the tea/coffee station too.  What a great job he did too!

More peeks of my kitchen...

A vintage jug, just the right size for berry sauce and a vintage money bank...

The bread bin that I grew up with, (below) was brown and very unsightly and I snatched it from mum before she threw it out....Phew...I modge podged on this paper, spray painted the ends red and added some scrapbooking stickers, and now it is perfect for my kitchen....a great size, great history and a great colour now!

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