Wednesday, 8 August 2012

6th Birthday Party

Well finally I have made it back to the blog...with oodles of piccies and news saved up.  I will start with some birthday shots of my 6 year olds pastel birthday party.

I finally got around to making a rag bunting to double up for parties and in the girls room

I photographed my sweetie side on, then printed it to size, cut it out and traced the image onto purple polka dot paper, then cut it out.  I then glued a pretty ribbon to her hair and there is my sweet sweet silhouette.

I found some embroidery hoops at the local different pastel and different shapes...PERFECT!!!!

I used more scrap fabric and put them up

I have been collecting pastel doilies for a while now and my collection looks fab together on this the party started I failed to take some nice ones of the set up...things get VERY busy VERY quickly!!  So this is it,...with some raggy rolled roses pinned to the homemade curtain-come-tablecloth.

I used scrap pastel fabric (of which I have sooooo much) and made a little cutesy table runner for the drinks trolley.  The stand is one I made from an overlocker spool, a stove cover and japanese dipping dish in a previous post.

Being a little bit crazy for decorating...I just had to use a previous pastel bunting to put on the campfire chair with a little sign saying "campfire"
And the list of pastel things I whipped up for the party goes on and on..
I have way too much material and have decided as the girls get bigger, I just need to get in an use the stuff rather than keep it for an extra sweet project.  But this is a sweet project. I made reversible covers for the chairs....I made the opposite side of each a purple or blue, slightly masculine so they can double for a boys party (well for the photo ops anyway....)

I made the pink and blue itty bitty hats for the Easter Parade as my 5 yr old had another hat organised.  So since we love Barbie and the Muskateers, I thought I would make a matching hat for her party outfit and favourite Barbie muskateer dress for the party.
The hats are all made from the plastic lid off a fruit container on the bottom, then the lid of a spray paint tin on the glued and fabric wrapped around.  I think they are so cute.  Adorable on the kids.

My sweetie and her sweet friend prepping for the three legged race

The cute little hat on a cute little lass

She absolutely loves the barbie skate shoes she is wearing as the wheels flip out for action of flip back in to walk in them as sandshoes.

I also painted her beautiful silhouette onto a tshirt and used brooches we have in cute pastel colours as the hair clips

I just had to throw in a piccie of my nephew and I doing the slippery dip over and over and over...I wasn't strangling him...just cuddling tight...for those that may be worried about him!

Two little friends with our rescued puppy from the pound.  I made him a collar, repurposed from old curtain ties, a pink and purple one for our other dog and a ruffled collar fo the horse, the kids planned to direct the parking on her....alas no time for that!!

A couple of cuties trying out for the three legged race with the help of sisters

Sack race action

We made something on every day of the school holidays in the lead up to the for two weeks we sewed or cooked or created.  The kids and I made a heap of conversation heart candy and wrote the name of each guest on the cupcakes and made hearts with 6 and different inscriptions on them...never really got a photo of them on the day.

We also made our own lipglosses to give to everyone as a favour

Instead of pinata we made this pop the ballon game...when set up it was soo colourful and we put in each balloon a task for the children to do.  It was a lot of fun and they all sat on the chairs and waited their turn.

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