Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Funkin' old shoes up

I am not really one to follow fashion strictly, just wear what I like and if the so-called latest fashion appeals to me well that is great.  But the neon colours of pink and yellow have slightly impressed me so I bought some paint a few weeks ago.

I have done a few projects with it, and here is just a couple.

Some old shoes that I just won't be wearing again I thought could do with a makeover and if it works well that is good, if not, we had fun experimenting.

Sooooo here they are:

A pair of pointy shoes,...which are very out of date, but under a pair of jeans with the hot pink poking through...I reckon it could be okay.

The other shoes were these very very old yellow numbers...I thought the neon pink would be nice..

But it smudged a bit, well leaked under the tape and I didn't like the mix of colours, so I chopped up a pair of old denim shorts I have stashing to make a picnic rug.  I cut out this shape and modge podged it onto the toe.  I have done this with a couple of other pairs of shoes and it worked really well.

So now I think just to pop into school or somewhere casual I can wear them and think they aren't too out od date.

I used the hem of the shorts because I thought the hem made them look a touch less handmade.

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