Sunday, 26 August 2012

Wow...what a crafty month it has been

Well I am still craft crazy and have done a heap of quick and rewarding crafts.

I just have to remember them all now.

Well we went crazy with chalkboard paint last week and with some leftover paint we did a fairy door for the tree in the kids area.

Being chalk paint we can make whatever decoration we like on it.
Clearly not a tricky task, and we had cut out the fairy door ages ago.

Then we did this Pinterest idea....tape words onto a canvas, let the littlies go for it and have your own gorgeous personalised print.

Here is ours:

It started like this...I had to cut the tape in half and I cut out the little heart too

You would think this would have been a fun project but my two year old sweetie did the aqua painting, and when I handed her a spray bottle with paint and water in it she just refused to do it...and we can to grief, she walked away and refused to paint anyway,...until I found her with a paintbrush and pink paint, painting the treehouse stumps and the patio chair she was sitting on....I was not overly happy with that....and still refusing to spray paint,..I gave it a quick spray.

I think it needs a really nice wooden frame now and probably some glitter or gold in there somewhere to give it a lift...but this is it to date.

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