Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Sweet Lace skirt upcycle project

I bought a vintage lace dress a few months ago and knew I wanted to make two pretty lace skirts for the girls with it and hopefully something for me.

Soooo pretty and it will fit my 2 yr old and 6 yr old.

The truly vintage dress was a classic and very beautiful, but I just wouldn't wear it like this.

Even the lace is a little yellowy and beautiful edging.

The mint green sportsgirl top.

I sewed the green underneath first

There is the bottom peeking out

Just showing the inside of the waist band

Here it is in all its glory...I just have to sew on a rose and tassles.

My little sweetie definitely loves it and we teamed it with a dance leotard

I used an old Sportsgirl top that I have never worn and just didn't like it. It was a mint green crepe material that stretches so perfect for this job.  It had a rosette on it too and two spaghetti straps that I will use for the tassles and embellishment.

I made it so that the mint green hangs just half an inch below the pretty vintage lace.

The waist band is a bit different and I am not totally happy with it as it is bulky, but I used the top frill on the shirt, mostly because the top half of the shirt wasn't wide enough to make the waistband so I had to compromise and I think it actually looks sweeter to have the frill.

Because the lace is a bit stiff the mint green fabric does stick to it a bit so you can't see it hanging below in this piccie.

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