Monday, 25 July 2011

Can't help myself - Chalkboard Table...DONE!

Ok, so while packing away kids toys yesterday afternoon,...a great idea suddenly dawned on me.  Our old little blackboard that my littlest cutie likes to draw on, keeps falling down and is basically untidy to look at.  So that coupled with the fact that I looooove to paint, meant that the table was ready for a chalkboard makeover. This solves two issues, untidy blackboard on table and not falling off, hence easier for my little darlin to draw her piccies.
                                    The table beforehand

This revelation happened at 5.30 in the afternoon, whilst I was in the midst of cooking tea, getting kids inside and starting the fire....but couldn't help myself.  Gave it a quick sand back and applied a quick coat of chalk board paint.

Next morning, the next coat and another after that.

Today, Daddy and his little girl have already had a noughts and crosses championship on it, filled with giggles, competitive scrawling, lots of love and satisfaction at todays creation.

                                  Chalkboard table done!
                   Noughts and Crosses championship complete!

Mission accomplished,...another day made a little sweeter. 

That and a 10 minute romp in the hammock with the kids has made this day funfilled and great!

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