Wednesday, 27 July 2011

My newest addiction

For my little girls 5th birthday, Nana bought her a knitting Susan (or knitting implement anyway,....thought they were called Susan for some reason....correct me if I am wrong).

So I showed her what to do and it is just soooo easy. She thought it might be a little time consuming so I sat up watching TV and just went to town with the little contraption.  By morning I had 4 inches poking out the bottom and left it as a surprise on her bedside table.

When she woke she ran in to show me.  I have been wanting to get her a gorgeous couple of shag rugs for her room, but now I am keen to just knit one.  It is sooo soft to touch and it would be so much more special to have made it ourselves.  So each night I knit away.  Definitely my sort of knitting. 

Clearly I have quite a bit more to do to make a decent rug, but am enjoying it and will invest in a second one so my little darlin' and I can work together.

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