Thursday, 28 July 2011

Turquoise Surprise

When we recently bought our new lounge chairs in chocolate and latte, I took it upon myself to whip up my own cushions to bring the theme together.

There are sooo many gorgeous (and expensive) cushions around, I decided it was teasing and tearing me up inside to look at these pretties and not have some of my own, so I just had to make my own or not have them at all.

I had planned on mixing baby blue or duck egg blue into the mix, but I ended up finding a beautiful turquoise (or more aqua) shag rug and decided that was the colour to highlight and blend with the chairs.   I just love this colour and that fact that shag rugs hide stains and can be shaken to remove any mess the kids have left.

eof fabric and bought a few items from Vinnies and this is what I came up with.  The brown suede was a Vinnies skirt I made into a ruffled flower and also the ottoman at the bottom.  The turquoise ruffle cushion was an old pair of linen pants of mine.  The cream satin fabric was a vintage fabric sample given to me, the knit one was a turtleneck of mine.

I did go crazy making cushions.  The square(ish) one at the back was vintage fabric of my mum's, so we are looking at 30 years old here, (she made her own dress out of this when she was my age) and I added a turquoise fabric covered button that I made.

The houndstooth print chocolate and cream cushion was the only new fabric that I used, have had it stashed for a while for a shirt, but it was calling me to DO SOMETHING with it, before it was vintage too!

So that is the lounge arrangement to date....but I am thinking the leftover materials from each could be made into an ottoman with vertical panels of each. 

But alas my sewing machine is out of action, so sewing is on hold for a while.

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