Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Retro brooch

In my most recent search through my Mum's jewellery box, I found a gorgeous old gold edged brooch with dried flowers inside, just what I remember her wearing when she was my age. 

I haven't worn it yet as I haven't had the outfit to match it.

But then searching through my cupboard (in a bid to remove some of the items my dear husband suggests I just don't wear anymore....that and the fact that my clothes keep creeping up onto his rack) I found a nice turquoise cardi I bought last year but haven't yet worn,...no matching shirts accessories.

Then.....still more, two days ago I was in a spray painting mood and grabbed my old pale blue belt out of the cupboard (again, never wear it) and spray painted in turquoise - just because that was a prettier colour really, no other reason.

When you team the three of these together with my red bolero, it just looks gorgeous, now to wear the outfit. 

I heard the other day how turquoise is one of those colours that just goes with everything and thought, they are probably right, especially nice with red.

So, what do you think?

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