Saturday, 23 July 2011

Coffee Table Revamp

I was disappointed but also so pleased to see one of our local secondhand shops was closing down and everything was cheap cheap cheap.

I initially popped in to see if the beautiful big oval mirror with decorative edging was reduced any more, but alas found that it had been thrown out......DEVASTATED!!!! After adjusting to this news, I thought I would see what else was left.

A little plain round table had caught my eye during previous visits....but this week I saw it in a new light....for $5 I could see this baby painted gold and suiting my lounge room.

So I grabbed it, along with two very shabby chairs for..........wait for it...........50c each.  Not to bad.  The total the week before for these items was $130 so I was rather impressed.  Lucky I could fit them in the car. 

Here is the table today.

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