Thursday, 26 January 2012

Nursery Mobile - Pink, Green and Red

When my third little sweetie was born, I wanted to make her a special mobile and at the time I love pink, green and red together and had coordinating fabrics floating around so I make this mobile.

It took a few weeks, once I had hand sewn the pieces together and worked out how many etc....I kept them at different distances apart so yon can see each strawberry, heart, birdie or owl. 

I didn't  have an embroidery hoop so I bent an old coathanger, then sewed two pieces of lace together, right on the edge, threaded some deep red velvet ribbon through and threaded this onto the coathanger.  Then handsewed it together.

Here is the finished product...

I made three birds, three owls, three hearts and three strawberries.  Each one has an alternate colour on the opposite side to keep it interesting when it turns around.

For added texture, I added a feather boa when my sweetie was littlier and she loved running her cheek against it....


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