Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Repurposed glass platters - Cake stands galore

In my recent trips to Vinnies, I have found a wonderful assortment of glass plates, platters and port glasses that have frilled and decorative edges.  I even find the odd crystal glass and since I have trouble keeping all of my sets unbroken, the odd glass keeps my crystal collection the same size and with a unique combination.

So I saw these this week and new instantly they would make a beautiful tall glass cake stand/tier.

The glass plates and dessert bowls before....

After they have been glued together and my little 2yr old tot filled it up with lollies!!!

The frilled edges on the plate and dessert seem to go together really well...am excited with my DIY work today...more pretties!

Some more plates, bowls and glasses that I have collected over the past six months
I glued them all together and this is how it turned out....

No seriously now, I was playing with adobe and the "wavy" application sounded fun...

And so did this "blue omni light" application...thought it was quite cool!

But this is the real one...

I think this top piece really makes it special and unique...this will probably be a sweets platter for parties and little meringues or lollies can go in the top of even fresh flowers....can't wait to use it...

There is my dresser that I redid several months ago...I haven't yet posted the drawer handles I put on..they were from another dresser that was given to me.

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