Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Upcycled Lace Summer Scarf

Well, again I haven't done that much of late, but just prepare kidlets for school and enjoy the holidays.  I have found some great printable lunchbox notes sites just by doing a google search and I am really enjoying writing two inspirational notes on the kids bag tags and a secret one in their lunchbox. I find it really helped my son want to learn to read last year and it is something personal about how they are going, what they can do or just "Niceness is kindness" which went on one today,..

I am trying to give them encouragement at the things they are good at or have done well the day before.

A friend also told me she engraves special notes into their banana skins...what a lovely idea.  I will post some pics later.

Here is a scarf I made the other day, I had some leftover muslin, very light and breezy fabric.  Then some old cotton  scallop edging. I sewed this onto the bottom of the muslin and then sewed around each large lace rose. It creates the effect of one whole piece, but it just helps dress up some dull outfits.

Hope you have a great day!!

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