Monday, 8 August 2011

Boring old scarf from Vinnies gone and got ruffled

I have been alerted to the fact that grey just goes so well with everything....would love a grey handbag one day, but just not yet.  I saw this scarf at Vinnies and it was really really ugle to me, but for 50c I thought I would take on the challenge to funk it up.

I simply sewed some pleats into the scarf all the way along, then found some leftover lace I had....but alas I only had enough for one side...isn't it funny how creativity takes over at times like this, because once the scarf is twisted up gently, you only need the lace on one the lack of lace really was no problem.

I have worn it once and am very happy with it.....not so ugly anymore.

Madeover quite a few other scarves from Vinnies....stay tuned for these

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