Saturday, 27 August 2011

Dollhouse furniture redoux

Now I loved barbies as a little girl, and always struggled with the fact that my sister did not love playing them anywhere near as much as I did....thank heavens for best friends!!

Anyway my eldest girl isn't really that into dolls, but all she wanted last year for her birthday was a dollhouse, so Daddy built her one, with the intention, that when she wasn't interested in it anymore it would work really well as shelving.

We are about to attach the roof, so piccies of the whole thing later...but yesterday we did a quick spray paint of some old my barbie furniture (Yes, I have kept every single barbie in mint condition and their beach and outdoor furniture....I said I loved them)

Here are the pics.  I found some old grinder boxes, really strong cardboard,..gave them a quick spray paint and they are the kitchen shelves

The old table of mine.

In it's new glory in the kitchen.  The mat is a cut up old bathmat that we dyed.

                   An old makeup case with a modge podged computer screen.

My old poolside set, pool missing, but pepsi bottle, esky, table, chairs and backdrop still fine

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