Monday, 8 August 2011

Personalised Memo Boards for kids

In my attempt to get the craft room sorted, I came across old placemats with cork backing. I don't use these and the patterns were certainly not drawing any good attention. 

I also have been making the kids their own personalise calendars to hang above their bed for the past 6 months so they can see what is coming up each day and mark it off that night, therefore get excited about holidays, kindy etc and not have to ask me how many days (EVERY DAY!!!)

Since I only put paper calendars on an old manilla folder, it wasn't looking that great.  So I figured I could cover these placemats with material and use one part to store photos or pictures and the other section to place the calendar

My first attempt, while looking funky, didn't work quite as expected. The cork was too thin to put a push pin into, alas how do I put up their calendar.

After a week or two deliberating, I realised I just had to put ribbon on all four corners and the lightweight page would hold in that. I obviously haven't put the criss cross ribbon on yet, have to get to the craft store to get the ribbon.

My little cowboys is quite cute too.  Still loving being a little cowboy so this fabric hasn't gotten to babyish for him yet.

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