Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Oops I did it again

Gosh, these full days in town certainly are not helping my addiction to thrift.

Had a great day at the op shops around town today...bought some cutesy figurines in all shapes and sizes to paint white and update them into funky decor.

Another silver tray!!!!!

A frame, a pair of brown boots $4, a leather belt, a really great green dress, and a cardi.

The dress needs taking in under the arms, but not too tricky for a $4 find.

Oh and I have been searching for just a general all purpose medium weight jacket for the past few months, so that my old denim one gets a break (although it has recently had a new lease on life with an ocean blue dye, which brings it more to the shade of my jeans).

Anyway, the shop I found a fur coast last week, tempted me to stop in...I found this girls jacket in a size 16, in turquoise (loving the colour soooo much) and it was just $3, can't believe is basically new, doesn't even look washed....PERFECT!!!

The cardi, while I though it would be nice transformed, I think it is quite nice how it is....a really nice navy blue.  It actually has like a high top collar, quite nice....


What a day....and I came home with the kids all in top off a great day, we made icecream and frozen berry milkshakes,....soooo yummy.  The kids actually made them and I whipped it up.  They don't need to know they just got a great big dose of antioxidants.

A berry delicious, berry fun day!

Hope you had a good one too.

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