Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Silhouette sweetie

I have been loving silhouette's for such a while now and finally got around to giving it a go this week.

Here are the end results of some fun painting with my sweetie and I.  We will make the calico one into a library or homework bag...that will double as a handy bag at home.

I am thinking her little silhouettes will be great on school books in the bottom corner, instead of her name, a gorgeous little silhouette label... can't wait to do it.

This printout was done after I took the photo on cardstock, then cut out the piccie, then I scanned it and placed it into a frame, then printed it and spray painted a frame to match and it now takes pride of place on my sweeties ducchess.....later to be hung amongst her photo wall collage.

This is our original work, together we painted the calico, I did the outside lines and sweetie the inside.  I wouldn't do it on glossy photo paper again as the black ink came off into the paint and had to redo it.  Just print on plain card.

I couldn't help it, I recently bought transfers and had never used them and really wanted one on her shirt like I had seen on TomKat Studio with her little girl...so beautiful.  Obviously I need a laser printer and it comes out completed and powdery so if I touch the image, it wipes off....Anyone that can help with this would be a great help.  So this print on a tshirt to go with her pettiskirt and dec out later is quite washed out as you can see.

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