Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Doily stencilling Galore

I have seen lots of these gorgeous doily stencils and thought my little 5 yr old and I could give it a go yesterday.  Since doing the silhouette bag recently for my friend, I realised any acrylic paint should be fine to paint and just go for it!!!

I started with this Vinnies serving tray.  It was in perfect order until my 19 mth old dropped and broke it, but I think we can putty up the hole or something. 

Not pretty beforehand!!


I spray painted it white to start with

Then I put spray adhesive on the back of the doily to keep it still,...which then took the paint off (so either I did it too quickly or it may not be the solution)

And after a few touch ups to fix up the smudged white paint from the adhesive, here it is.  It is not as crisp as I would have liked, but I had to touch it up a few times and this took the crispness out of the design....but it will be fine for the kids to play with or have on a duchess.  There has always got to be a trial run, and I am happy enough with this one!

These are the doily placemats in the first stage. It was a bit hard for a 5 yr old to keep it in the lines, so I had to do the edges, but it will be a fun placemat for them. I just have to get my sewing machine fixed so I can sew it up.  I just have to find some pretty letters and cut them out of gladbake or something to stencil in the middle.

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