Monday, 19 September 2011

Lollie jar

So today, well actually this week I am trying to get some much needed gardening done.  Two days ago I created a nice new rock garden for our front entrance which I hope detracts from the lovely selection of unlevel areas of cement!!

Today didn't do much crafting, just spring cleaning in the kitchen of all those plastic and glass jars that I plan to hang from the tree (particularly around the treehouse) with fairy lights or tea light in them....Anyway they are mounting up under my kitchen sink so sorted them and when I saw an odd metal lid with a pretty heart, I realised I could make these pretty lollie jars I see.  I spray painted a silver plated candlestick holder yesterday, painted the lid the same colour today and found a plastic jar  that fit the lid (more likely to survive in this household) and.....

Here is a tray I painted turquoise and the candlestick before

I am really pleased with how it turned out and can't wait to use it, it now sits with spray painted blue sign that says "Cherish".....does that suggest I should cherish lollies.....OR cherish the moments when "frowned upon" bribes might just work with the kids, OR I think just cherish every moment.  I should even use it for myself and Daddy really as our treat!!!!

Have a great week.  We are off to camp out in our and three kidlets....should be fun!!!

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