Monday, 12 September 2011

Paint chip Lampshade

Ok, so I can't show you only the things that work out....this is another work in progress, so please forgive me for not having it completed before I show you.  Living out of town though, does limit the speediness of each project.

I saw this gorgeous lampshade recently on "The Sweetest Occasion", they have so much pretty stuff and have to say I rushed out to get the paint swatches immediately.  Thanks to the fun of facebook mobile, I get to see these things while I am actually in town!!!

  I have to say it is just the prettiest lampshade I have seen in ages. I did try to make the wool wrapped around the balloon lampshade ages ago, but had no luck with modge podge or glue keeping it strong enough. I did read recently that someone combines glue with flour and water....might try that one day, but to be honest the lovely red wool with pom poms through it is so saturated in wool, that is just doesn't have the same plush effect anymore.

So, when I saw this lampshade (and I have been collecting paint chips of late for garlands etc) I rushed out and grabbed the colours I was after and gave it a go.  Really I think with some amending it will be fine, (but I have to get to town to get more paint chips)

So here it is so far....

I have a 2 inch scallop circle cutter that I use for soooo many things, including this project.

I thought this was enough but I need another 4 rows of six

No embroidery hoop in this house currently, so a wire coathanger and some bending....???  It worked, so don't mock the look of it ok!

So this is it partially finished...the colours look too dark for my liking with the light on, but my 19mth old sweetie calls it pretty every morning, so until I get more paint chips this week and/or change the colour completely to the cascade of colours (am really liking the pink or perhaps aqua AGAIN!!!)  this is it.

I simply cut out some string and sticky taped the circle to the string then tied it onto the hanger.  The tuturial above I mentioned didn't leave gaps between the circle, but I think it works okay on this one....yet to be totally happy with the outcome though.

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