Sunday, 11 September 2011

Green Buoy......oh boy!!!

Yep, painted the set of drawers today and got the kids to work on their own project so the top coat was a little smoother.

Obviously no handles yet....but do you think I could wait to show off my "Pop" of colour in the bedroom.  Will work on the handles next week.

I only used such a tiny smidgen of the Green Buoy (turquoise or teal) paint and it just dawned on me that is suits the colour of the lounge decor....WAHOOOOO!!!

This is what the kids painted....well one thing anyway...they painted about 10 other bits of scrap wood and an old pot, basically any old thing they could find.

We made the doghouse a few weeks ago and while it may not be a masterpiece of workmanship...I did it the best I could and it is cutesy....just need to sand the front of the roof back.

Hope you had a good weekend!

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