Thursday, 8 September 2011

Whooooaaa Cowgirl!!

I have been deliberating for ages about getting a very very special pair of beautiful tan boots to wear for Winter.....and I hadn't decided on whether I go modern or western until just recently.  I have tried neither on (until I bought my $4 pair from Vinnies) so knew no better when I bought these darling boots from Sheplers!  Unbelievably, they were a size bigger than I would ever wear, but with 50% off the last pair, I thought this might just be the moment to sieze.

Well checked at the post office today (rather anxious over their delivery) and "Yes, they have arrived,"  I am sooo excited and rang hubby straight away but just needed to show some girls.

Now they are a bit lairy on my foot, but I really really love them and they are a perfect fit, any smaller and they would not fit....they smell of beautiful leather and I am just r......a.......t.......h.......e.......r happy about the whole thing.  So here they are..........

They are very very WESTERN!!!!!!!!!!

So I reckon the poor folk in town might just see my coming, but alas I will be comfy, feeling sporty and happy to be they will just have to take this western boho chic on board.

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