Saturday, 10 September 2011

Secondhand Sideboard redoux

I found this silky oak sideboard or set of drawers this week at the secondhand shop for a good price.  It will fit perfectly into the corner of our room and help out with storage...perhaps it is my keenness to find vintage things,......but my closet just seems to be a lot fuller these days!  The set of drawers came with no knobs, but that is good, they probably would have been quite yucky and that leaves the design completely up to me.

So here it is in progress......I sanded it this afternoon and the kids and I painted it...I know "SCARY thought", but they were very keen to paint so I let them do the back and sides and then I just went over it.....I then moved the kidlets onto offcuts of wood to paint and an old pot.

This is the undercoat we did this afternoon.....guess what colour I plan to paint it tomorrow????????

Anyone guessed my favourite colour of the moment yet??

Stay tuned.............

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