Sunday, 4 September 2011

50s Vintage Cowgirl Hens Night

So we had the Hens Night on the weekend and I haven't been able to post any of the fun projects I have been doing until the surprise was out.

Here they are... we went with a Vintage 50's Cowgirl theme as the bride loves vintage and is a cowgirl....

This is one with our vintage labels....mine was "Incredibly enough,...I don't give a S..T!" Bit rude, but thought it was classic.  We had heaps of great labels, like "Don't Get Smart With Me!", "Coffee, Do Stupid Things Faster!" you get the idea.  I am threading the candy hearts onto strings in this piccie.

And I just had to pop one in of my $10 fur coat, that the hen chose not to wear and I was very keen to wear it for this fun vintage occasion.....It was sooo warm!!  Just had to pop this photo in of one of my bestest friends since Primary School....What a honey!

I made this little raggy heart for decor as the shower.

Then blew up a photo of the sweet couple and painted onto fabric with acrylic paint (did have three attempts at this because the photo was pixelated and so would definitely recommend getting a really clear good pic to get the silhouette just perfect.) 

I made some cutesy (although not that little) conversation candy hearts for the shower and to wear around our neck at the hens party.  I had seen to write on the hearts with colouring, but time didn't allow and I don't think my lack of a steady hand would have worked, sort of punched in the writing I wanted with a skewer.

I thought they may be too sweet....but after that firecracker pasta a friend and I ordered....they were ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for settling some slightly hot lips!

I also found this cute little vintage man and wife at Vinnies and painted them white.

I wanted to make a vintage looking apron, so I found a gorgeous print, printed it onto transfer paper, ironed it onto calico (my printer did not work well at this even thought it is inkjet, the print wiped off if I touched it and is very pale....but Vintage......!!!! So I guess it worked out.  Then I blended the colours of the dresses that we planned to dress the bride in.

More photos will follow of our Vintage Cowgirl outfits....

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